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2011 EventsCafé Culture
For discussion and debate café style

Each Cafe Culture event series runs from September to July every year, with events running fortnightly, usually on the first and third Monday of each month. To view a pdf of our current flyer click here

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15 September 2014 café culturel

The Mexican Mafia and Me

Following a solo Laing Art Gallery show this summer, artist Lyn Hagan discusses a variety of cultural genres, from opera to art, she has used to portray the human side of death row. Lyn talks about the sensitivities involved, her friendship with Tony, a prisoner facing the death sentence, and public perceptions of her work.

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6 October 2014café philosophique

Injustice on our Doorstep:
Social and environmental justice in Newcastle

Everyone believes the value of ‘justice’ but we often disagree about what makes a community just or unjust. Derek Bell, Newcastle University will consider whether the social, environmental and political inequalities that we find in Newcastle are unjust. What are the injustices in our city? How does Newcastle compare with other cities in the North of England?

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20 October 2014café politique

Swearing as a Response to Pain

Dr Richard Stephens, Keele University, researches the psychobiology of swearing and specifically why people swear in response to pain. His writing on this matter has reached a large audience comprising national and international media coverage and he received an Ig Nobel award in 2010, awards which recognise research that first makes you laugh and then makes you think.

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3 November 2014café culturel

RoCCing the Boat:
Rebalancing our Cultural Capital

Peter Stark, one of the authors of the RoCC report on London's dominance of arts funding, reflects on the journey of the debate it engendered a year after publication. He will summarise the report’s evidence and consider next steps to address the mismatch in funding between London and the rest of England.

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17 November 2014café scientifique

Sharing is Caring:
Should healthcare decisions be more accountable?

Prof Richard Thompson, Institute of Health and Society, Newcastle University, explores how far important decisions about our health are shared between patients and clinicians. He analyses evidence on the benefits from a range of areas and draws upon local work on implementing shared decision making. He considers why it is not commonplace and what we can do as patients to boost our input in our healthcare.

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1 December 2014café culturel

Our Monsters: Ourselves

Monsters reflect the cultural anxieties of their times, raising important questions about what is most fearful to us. Alison Younger, Sunderland University, will argue that while they must be tamed or annihilated, they are essential to society’s well-being. Using iconic monsters such as Frankenstein’s creature, Jack the Ripper and the Vampire she will address what makes a monster monstrous, what this says about the society that spawned them and what they tell us about ourselves.

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15 December 2014café scientifique

The Dyslexia Debate: Or should we say Diatribe?

In his talk, Prof Julian Elliott, Durham University, will outline the conclusions from his book The Dyslexia  Debate. Describing the sometimes outraged responses to this work, he will consider why the dyslexia label evokes powerful emotions as well as exploring tensions which emerge between the scientific considerations and the powerful drivers of personal experience and need.