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2011 EventsCafé Culture
For discussion and debate café style

Each Cafe Culture event series runs from September to July every year, with events running fortnightly, usually on the first and third Monday of each month. To view a pdf of our current flyer click here

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9 September 2013café scientifique

Northern Stage, Barras Bridge,
Newcastle NE1 7RH, 3.30pm – 5pm

Involuntary Sterilization: Not a thing of the past?

As part of the British Science Association Festival, Tom Shakespeare will consider how in the first half of the twentieth century sterilisation was used for eugenic purposes to stop ‘undesirables reproducing’. By C21, you might expect policies which ensure full, free and informed consent. So why is sterlisation without proper consent, particularly among disabled, Roma, HIV+ or trans people, still occurring in some countries?


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23 September 2013 café politique

Shirkers and Strivers?: Myths about worklessness

Tracy Shildrick, Teesside University, will consider popular and political representations of worklessness. In particular, she will engage with the popular idea that cultures of worklessness are to blame for people who have been long-term out of work.

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7 October 2013café philosophique

Why nothing matters

Nothing as the secret of life. History, philosophy, religion, science, art, literature, music – all look towards nothing at some point. Ronald Green will explore how Nothing allows us to look at the world in a different way, to give new angles to old problems and so stimulate questions that would otherwise not be asked.

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21 October 2013café scientifique

Seeing through the patient’s eyes

Patient feedback is a key measure of NHS performance: but can patients rate the quality of healthcare? Chris Graham, Picker Institute, Oxford explores methods to involve patients in improving healthcare.

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4 November 2013café culturel

The role of arts and physics in cosmology

Are tools of visualisation enough to interpret dark matter and the invisibility of quantum physics? Fiona Crisp, Northumbria University will discuss the cultural negotiation of science, particularly around ideas of visualisation and our imaginative capacity to assimilate paradigmatic.

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18 November 2013café scientifique

Politics of the tooth fairy

Professor Jan Clarkson, Dundee University, considers the significant impact of oral disease on history. Dental pain has led to countries being invaded as well as the development of what is now routine techniques such as general anaesthesia. Whilst oral health has improved, basic questions - how often should you go to the dentist, what type of toothbrush should you use, should holes in teeth be filled - remain unanswered. 

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2 December 2013café culturel

Can we afford a cultural life?

In times of austerity and unprecedented inequality, Erica Whyman, Deputy Artistic Director of the Royal Shakespeare Company, will explore how we convince one another that cultural and creative engagement remains essential.

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16 December 2013café scientifique

HIV: Dead or alive?

Connor Rogerson, Newcastle University, will discuss whether ‘cured of HIV’ news stories are a sign that HIV and AIDS could soon be a thing of the past, or whether HIV is just too cunning for us to tackle.